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Replies and responses 03 Feb 2020

We’ve finalised the Standard Replies extension which lets us respond with information, warnings, and command errors in a more consistent way. It’s already in use by the SETNAME draft and will enable further development of proposals such as the CHATHISTORY extension which we’re still developing.

We’ve also ratified the Labeled responses spec, which lets client software properly track and handle responses to their commands. Check the support tables to see which software is already prepared for this extension.

Capability negotiation received some clarifying updates around dealing with version numbers (or the lack thereof) as well as how to handle requesting loads of capabilities at once.

Other specs from the roadmap we’re continuing to work on include:

  • Message editing and deletion, which lets users fix typos, and gives moderators a new way to deal with spam and abuse.
  • Multiline messages, which lets users post messages that exceed the traditional single line of byte limited text.