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Spec round-up 17 Nov 2021

Following our tradition of the annual update, here’s a summary of everything that’s been happening since Feb 2020.

Specs ratified 🔗

New drafts 🔗

Specs updated 🔗

On the Roadmap 🔗

Highlights from our ongoing roadmap milestone

  • ratify CHATHISTORY #437
  • userip-tag and userhost-tag #418
  • Add draft account-extban spec #464
  • Message editing and deletion #425
  • Display name client tag spec #452

Other 🔗

We’ve tidied up the spec structure; making URLs, titles, etc more consistent #441. And we’ve also made a lot of clarifications, improvements and typo fixes to specs that don’t materially affect compatibility, too many to list here.

In Aug 2021, The charter page had an update to better reflect our loose governance structure, deprecating the concept of the “technical board” and clarifying what it means to be listed as a “contributor” #399

Finally, do check the support tables to see how adoption of our specs is coming along, there’ve been a lot of busy implementations over the past year.