invite-notify Extension

Copyright © 2013 Adam <>

Copyright © 2014 Attila Molnar <>

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Description πŸ”—

The invite-notify client capability allows a client to specify that it would like to be notified when users are invited to channels.

This client capability MUST be named invite-notify.

This capability is designed to replace the traditional β€œX has invited Y to #chan” server notices, and to provide a standard way that allows clients to learn when another client does an /INVITE.

Format πŸ”—

The format of the INVITE message is as follows:

:<inviter> INVITE <target> <channel>

The message source, inviter is the user doing the INVITE, target is the user being invited, channel is the channel where target is being invited.

Example πŸ”—

:ChanServ! INVITE Attila #channel

This message translates to ChanServ has invited Attila to #channel.

Notes πŸ”—

The server is not required to send the INVITE message described in this document to all clients supporting this capability on a channel. For example, a server may choose to only send the message to clients having channel op, or only to clients that have the privilege to do an /INVITE on the channel themselves.

Software supporting invite-notify: Ergo, ircd-hybrid, InspIRCd, Solanum, txircd, UnrealIRCd, AdiIRC, Ambassador, catgirl, Colloquy, Halloy, HexChat, IceChat, Irssi, mIRC, Quassel, senpai, Srain, Swirc, WeeChat, gamja, IRCCloud, Kiwi IRC, The Lounge, CoreIRC, Palaver, Quasseldroid, KiwiBNC (as Server), KiwiBNC (as Client), pounce (as Server), pounce (as Client), soju (as Server), soju (as Client), BitBot, Eggdrop, Limnoria, Moon Moon, Communi, girc, irc-framework, ircrobots, Kitteh IRC Client Library, pydle, Rust irc, Warren, Matrix2051