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Introduction πŸ”—

The WHOX extension allows clients to request additional fields in the WHO response (e.g. account name) or omit default fields (e.g. username and hostname).

ISUPPORT token πŸ”—

Servers supporting this specification MUST include the WHOX token in RPL_ISUPPORT without any value. Clients MUST accept WHOX tokens with a value for forwards compatibility.

Extended WHO command πŸ”—

The WHO command is extended with an optional argument:

WHO <mask> [%<fields>[,<token>]]

The second argument contains a percent character followed by a list of fields requested by the client. Each field is represented by a letter. The standard fields are:

Servers MAY support additional non-standard fields. Servers MUST NOT rely on the ordering of the fields.

Clients can also specify a token which will be returned by the server in the replies. The token MUST contain only digit characters and MUST contain at most 3 characters. Clients MUST NOT include β€˜t’ in <fields> without specifying a token.

Servers MAY support additional non-standard flags before the percent character.

The server will reply with zero, one or more RPL_WHOSPCRPL replies, followed by a final RPL_ENDOFWHO reply. Servers MUST NOT send RPL_WHOREPLY replies.

RPL_WHOSPCRPL (354) numeric reply πŸ”—

:<server> 354 <client> [token] [channel] [user] [ip] [host] [server] [nick] [flags] [hopcount] [idle] [account] [oplevel] [:realname]

Servers MUST send the fields in the order specified above. Servers MUST include in their reply all of the standard fields requested by the client, and MUST NOT add any additional field not requested by the client. Servers MUST ignore any non-standard field they don’t support.

Exactly the fields requested by the client MUST be returned by the server. When the server omits a field the client has requested, the following placeholders MUST be used:

Clients SHOULD ignore the values of the hop count (d) and the channel op level (o) fields, because they are ill-defined and unreliable.

Examples πŸ”—

Without a token πŸ”—

WHO cooluser %cuhnar
:irc.example.org 354 mynick #ircv3 ~cooluser coolhost cooluser coolaccount :Cool User
:irc.example.org 315 mynick cooluser :End of WHO list

With a token πŸ”—

WHO #ircv3 %afnt,42
:irc.example.org 354 mynick #ircv3 42 cooluser H coolaccount
:irc.example.org 354 mynick #ircv3 42 cooloper H* cooloper
:irc.example.org 315 mynick #ircv3 :End of WHO list

Software supporting WHOX: Ergo, IRCCloud Teams, ircd-hybrid, InspIRCd, Nefarious IRCu, Solanum, UnrealIRCd, AdiIRC, Ambassador, Colloquy, Halloy, HexChat, Irssi, Konversation, KVIrc, mIRC, Mozilla Thunderbird, Quassel, senpai, WeeChat, gamja, IRCCloud, Kiwi IRC, The Lounge, PIRC.pl web client, Quasseldroid, Goguma, IRCCloud (as Server), pounce (as Server), pounce (as Client), soju (as Server), soju (as Client), ZNC (as Server), ZNC (as Client), BitBot, Eggdrop, Limnoria, Moon Moon, Sopel (ex Willie), PyLink (clientbot mode)